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Welcome. We are a real life, non roleplaying Real Vampyre wiki. There will be collection of articles on various forms of energy practice, feeding and elementalism/shamanism. We are independent from the Vampire Community, and we are THE Vampyre Communal, for spirituality purposes. We created the terminology for there to be a sectional called Vampyre Communal for the sake of elementalism or elemental vampyrism spirituality or shamanism.

We do not mind if the Vampire Community links too or visits or contributes Content.

We have deleted our fb page and do not plan to bring another back at this time due to the changing nature of facebook itself, as well as needing a more stable place for the community/communal at You can also find the new vampyres group at

Elementalism & Shamanic Practice

This wiki will feature pages and collections on elementalism, elemental and energy feeding, also known as Psychic/Energy Vampyres.

We will cover:

  • Pranic Vampyrism
  • Pranis Vampyrism
  • Energy/Elemental Vampyrism
  • Sexual/Tantric Vampyrism
  • Tantris Vampyrism
  • Elemental states of being
  • Strigoi and other true form clan or tribe names
  • Other energy beings and spirits

We can also discuss lores, rpg games and legends.

Societies and Groups as well.

We are working on anatomie of the Vampire as well (The chosen way we chose to spell it to differ from anatomy and mundane study) and other religions and spiritualities known to shape early Vampiric life. We don't believe that Vampyrism just came out of Romania in the dark ages or out of someone's Victorian Closet in the 1700's (Right, Tim?) but that it existed in some formats way before that time.

We also tend to believe that the whole of their anatomie is vampiric, not just their mouths. (Think about it, why do you wish energy or blood?)

Also articles feature Vampire lifestyle, what drinking blood will do, and other fluids, and so on and so forth.

Thanks for your interests.

8/14/2019 We have deleted our facebook page as the audience coming to the page now no longer reflects what the page originally was made for. I don't think I plan to bring back any pages right now, but we do have a group for Elemental Vampyres there.

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