Time and History have an issue with the dna alone about drawing someone in and making them feel like that time is now. It is important to stay grounded and center yourself when you feel time doing things to you and awakening you more at your center.

Time has been brutal to our species and our dna. Most people do not know how to be themselves due to time "getting in the way", the important thing is to learn how things went, what went well and how to use those strengths in the current day.

This mindful venture is called our reign of the past, it is how we did and how we lived in the ancient day, Every Vampyre will eventually see and feel their reign, or they are simply not what they appear to be, and only the elemental, especially the Salian aka the EtrieSalians seem to see their reign or past life memories.

Ask yourselves about the journey you are seeing:

  1. How did these things come about or happen?
  2. Did I do things well or right? Did I walk freely or did I hide?
  3. Did I do what I think i should have done? Who influenced me the most?
  4. How can I put these qualities toward my current life?
  5. What is the strength here? What is the weakness? How did I or can I rise above this?

Keep a list of your answers and everytime you travel, visit the previous chapter and see how you change from time frame to time frame. You should steadily see improvement, rather than not.

Using water to help

When you see some time frame that makes you feel drawn to it, remember to center yourself and take three deep breaths and count to ten.

Then drink half a cup of water.

Water will help refocus your task. Breathe out in three's for 10 counts. 1-2-3, 1-2-3, 1-2-3, 1.

If the time period does not let you go, then you have something to learn from it.

Honoring your spirit

After a time of being in a certain era (mind travels) then honor your spirit from that time with a good meal, good drink, and a colorful parting gift. Fill a piece of paper with colorful scribbles, like with paint or a crayon or marker, then tie it with a colorful string, and light it on fire and watch it burn away. Fire honors, celebrates and severs most connections. Do this as often as you feel like doing.

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