In the interest of species and this image which came from facebook:

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This seems to be incorrect, as XX applies to a sexual preference, rather than a species. XY also applies to sexual prefs rather than species, the main three being:

XN = Hetriesalian/Etriesalian (Vampyre)

XI (Upyr/Gypsy)

XO = Varcolaci/Werewolven/Wulf/Vulcani/Samian (Hemosamian/Homosamian)

For the Etriesalian the correct sexual alignment is Asexual, which means they may prefer sexual contact with both male and females. They also may seem interchangable in their energy between male or female energy or seem like neither, or something else all together. They do not call it bisexual or homosexual which is an incorrect term for anyone who prefers both or just one sexual pref. Neither term feels like they are correct, bisexual meaning I am sexual in two bodies? No thanks. Homo meaning "human like" "human like sexual"? No[e does not see, correct. YY may also refer to two gay males in a species, but not in the Salian term.

You would always be XN-YY if you were Salian, for example. You'd not leave your whole nature behind if you were salian.

If you were upyr, XI. you would be XIXY if you were female or male that liked both sexes.

Most Varcolaci seem to be gay therefore they would be XOYY or XOXX if female. YY being just male.

If You are not sexual you would be Ensexual or LI, for females, NI for males. Usually sometimes a non sexual having state preceeds over the DNA code, so it could be XNLI or XNNI, or NIXN If say a Sall\ian is not that learned about their sexuality and are afraid of it, like if they were raped in their life or something.

Upyr and Varcolaci are more prone sexual preying creatures as a species and are less likely to be afraid.

For those who are really dumb, this can not be applied to a Transcended correct Wraitl, because they are changed through the spirit process. You can't just modify a being to an incorrect state after they have gone through their changes. This is not reversible in vampyre beings. Even if you choose to live a lie, you still can not break true divine dna.

It is also important to note that salians have DNA code but Varcolaci do not they have DNO, and UPYR have DNI, while still some others have DNOI.

When Salians transcend they have EN-DNA and so on.

** Theorized.

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