Runa, Ruja and Thuja Witsku

All these paths are forms of shamanism and early witchcraft in the tradition of paiga which is really ancient paganism before the bce era of earth mysticism.

[1] Heatheru woman aka the witsku's lantern, my blog for heatheru paiga

Runa is the young maiden also of dacian lore, and Ruja or the Ruja her elder counterpart before runa herself became a Crone. Strigoi witches or witska's never actually become an old crone type of woman as we age in age but not in our flesh, we get more wiser but we only get younger looking. This has to do with a decline in estrogen as a strigoi woman enters menopause, or peri menopause. Allot of our emotional pains do not happen because we do not regret our relationships with our men. We can get rid of any emotional baggage that we do not need, however only 3% of our women know how to do this.

A witska is a medicine herbal woman, she is wise in the ways of love making, home making, and magick and works of the craft. She knows what she is doing.

Thuja or even Thugia herself is the crone version or Mora/Mornia version of our crone. She is our Croi, and she is in croi years from age 55 until she is 83. Allot of Strigoi wisdom is written by her at this time.

Ruja is in her years from age 33 to age 48, and then there is Rujia stage from age 48 until 54.

Strigoi are also fond of not going through all the stages or not going in order of the life stage, we all get where we are meant to go eventually.

Each clan or tribe of Strigoi (different names or clan names) such like Stregoni, Strejos, Strinoi, etc have different names for their maiden, mother and crone aspects, and as such each differ slightly, it is almost virtually impossible to know each different legend for inclusion on this wiki.

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