What Is Epic DNA?

When one searches their dna, feels it out or even speaks with it, one may learn one has many life times in which we are more than millions of years old. In the issue of being a spirit being, one changed by energy feeding and energy practice, one becomes changed in their form, to a more energy source, in which one is the same as the energy they consume. Of course energy sources can not be proven by a blood test or a urine screen or other tests (or can they?) and one can never truly document their existence except as a form who documents the "science" of their being or existence(s).

DNA is an energy source that tells that being what to be, how to act, how to exist. People think they can modify strands of dna with other forms of energy or blood or semen fluid but if one has severely awoke their dna this is not so. People can live in a type of "coma" for a while with the changed dna, but in all effort will go back to their original format in about 5 months soon.

DNA grows with you as you grow as a changed energy form. It pivots and moves you to the places you choose to be.

You can not take from, manipulate, or add too a person's destiny of their DNA.

Those who can not be taken from are directly linked to all versions of Source, upper and lower.

Those who ascend or believe in ascension, is how they grow, and they have lost the ability to fear changes.

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