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    February 3, 2020 by Anamassien76

    Cogentin is one of the meds I am on, for me it helps my stiff joints and things because I also take seroquel.

    However it helps me in some many other ways:

    • Helps my SAD or social anxiety disorder like paxil
    • Helps me be more social, talkative, like ativan
    • Helps me want to stay away from people who refuse to grow up like tegretol
    • helps my agoraphibia like effexor FX
    • Helps my nervous and panic attacks like vistaril and benedryl
    • Frees my being more than any other drugs I have taken
    • Helps my stuff muscles and joints like a DMARD for RA, Flexeril and melexocam
    • Helps me deal with memory triggers as seroquel unrepresses them (a memory trigger is when you remember something from long ago and seems like it happened now or a small while ago, This is because th…
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  • Anamassien76

    Like normal, I have come back with some works and news.

    I have been going through a hard time lately and have been on new meds. They are working and helping stabilize myself and helping me remember even more memories, tribes and cultures as well as others.

    Happy 2020! I hope you will be stopping by often to see what's new, including the Pagan Collective Project:


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  • Anamassien76

    Because it is RESEARCH!

    What if it helps someone who is stuck?

    So what if someone uses it in a plot line somewhere and they earn 32 million at the box office?!

    What if it jogs someone's memories?

    What it helps define and shape a communal effort?

    All the naysayers who are twitching and moaning about my work, shit off.

    If you don't like it, leave.

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  • Anamassien76

    I have been awakened for over 21 years in this life alone.

    I am a heavily and highly spiritual transcended being. I am no longer a host for past life memories. I only desire to be an unhost and do for my being what I need to do for it and pretty much screw everyone else, unless they truly wish knowledge and counsel, otherwise screw that.

    I write this wikia as a hobby on this subject. I like research and I like being able to document it. Sure, not all vampyre personalities are the same, but all elemental vampyre forms are similar to my own and what has effected me will surely effect them or they aren't like me or a vampyre at all. You may not want a woman of my reknown speaking about something you can't control which means you don't know how …

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  • Anamassien76

    In the interests of documenting Earth Spirituality (?) Being is it spiritual or did it truly have a spiritual purpose for the ? mark. Do you think some such faith is documented correctly or do you think it was translated wrong? Perhaps partially right? It is hard to know how to correctly celebrate something, if so ancient. What if your spirit form remembers something different?

    If you remember something different, we wish to hear from you, please sign up for this wikia and get in touch.

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  • Anamassien76

    Hello and welcome to our wikia. I know we are on fandom and we are not about fiction but about non fiction, BUT Wikia is also for non fictional purposes as well. If you don't like it, you can leave.

    The purpose of the wiki is to document forms, all forms of real life vampyrism be it lifestyle, or spirituality. We are an INDEPENDENT SPIRITUALITY documentation service in the interest of preserving truths.

    We are for the documentation of actual ancient shama/nism and energy vampyrism, elemental vampyrisms, and pranic/tantric/tantris/sexual/pranis forms of actual energy feeding on raw unseen energy or life force, from the blood and other fluids of the form.

    This is for documentation of traditional straight and documentational behaviours of bisexu…

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